Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I'm working at the election tomorrow and don't think there will be a big turn-out unlike the big one in November. I am a machine operator, which means I register some information in the machine, give them a number, and tell them when they can go to the voting machine. We take turns, so sometimes I get them started on the machine if they need help. Most of them know how now after we trained them on the new machines a couple of years ago.

It's a long day - from 6:30 until after the polls close at 7:00. If anyone is in line at 7:00, we have to let them vote. The first time I worked there it took forever because no one knew how to use the machines and thousands of judges were up for election that almost no one knows. So think about me.


Berry Blog said...

That's just too long, I'd never make it. Bless your heart for doing this. I'm chatting with teacher friends about which of our students will be voting this year- downnright scary, but we think they are probably better prepared than citizens who have been out there for years that we talk to who never watch he news or read a newspaper.

Chris said...

Do you election workers go nusts with donuts and coffee like the election workers here?

Joy said...

No, apparently we aren't doing it right.