Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tape Me

What do I have in common with Kerri Walsh, you might ask? She is tall. I am short. She's blonde. I'm originally brunette. She is married. I was. She plays beach volleyball. I hate sand. She wears a bikini in public and on TV. Well, we know this part. I wouldn't even wear one while I'm alone in my house. She, of course, has won Olympic Gold Medals for beach volleyball with Misty May. I watch the Olympics.

So what could we possibly have in common? Did you notice that black tape on her shoulder? It's Kinesio® tape. I have worn it, and here's information about it. I had it on my neck to help it heal after that surgery. Debbie Hicks, an MLD therapist and massage therapist, put it on my neck while I was getting treatment. It helps circulation and promotes healing. I'll have to continue to have MLD for the rest of my life because of the lymphedema in my neck.

My experiences with kinesio tape are on this page under November 8th and 9th posts. The lymphedema and MLD posts here. My neck has been through too much.


Beth said...

come know you loo like that in a bikini!!!! We ALL look like that in a our minds! ;)

I've heard alot about that tape since she's been wearing it in the Olympics...supposed to be good stuff, I guess.

David Dust said...

Darling Auntie Flame -

In honor of my one-year blogiversary - you are now "royalty". Check out my blog today!


Love You! Love Your Tape Blog!!

Joy said...

Even my mind has given up on that fantasy, Beth! LOL

That tape is good for helping things heal. It has to be put on a certain way by someone who knows what they are doing. I looked weird even though mine was flesh-colored. It was like a claw coming up on my neck. Weird. It helped though.

Royalty! Oh yes!