Thursday, August 21, 2008

Planning Ahead

The fall TV schedule is out, so I've been planning what I'll watch. There are a few conflicts where three things I want to see are on at the same time. I can record two at the same time on the DVR and will have to go to the other TV to watch the third one or wait for reruns. The problem with new shows is that we don't know how long they'll stay on the air. That's why I like to watch new ones that sound interesting and can then decide if I want to keep watching or not. It used to be easier when shows were on the three main network stations, but now they've branched out to cable and not just the premium channels.

Of course, I have to watch Dancing with the Stars when it's on. After it finishes, I can watch Big Bang Theory and Chuck by recording one and watching the other. During DWTS I have to wait for reruns on one of them and record the other. I try to avoid getting another DVR because I'd never get anything done. It's bad enough as it is now. Fortunately, there is nothing at all I want to see in some time slots and can watch what I recorded when others are on at the same time.

Some I'm sticking with and looking forward to their return are Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, Samantha Who? (get well wishes to Christina Applegate), Criminal Minds, Boston Legal, House, Bones, NUMB3RS, Law & Order - et al, Army Wives, Brothers & Sisters, Dexter, Ugly Betty, Old Christine, Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, Life, The Closer, Saving Grace, In Plain Sight, Without A Trace, and Project Runway.

I hope My Own Worst Enemy will be good because Christian Slater is talented and could do well if the material is well-written and complex. The writing got so bad on House that it's amazing that the multi-talented Hugh Laurie could rise above it. That can't have been easy and didn't succeed at times. I don't know how he stood it. I also hope The Mentalist will provide Simon Baker a challenging vehicle. True Blood sounds intriguing. It's on HBO and is written by Alan Ball (Six Feet Under). These have potential.

Privileged has a good cast (Anne Archer and Marsha Mason) but doesn't sound that interesting. Not sure about Fringe, which sounds sort of like The X-Files and Lost. I still watch Lost but periodically lose interest in it, so I doubt I'll watch Fringe and never got into Heroes. I probably won't watch Stylista because I'm about to OD on competition shows.

I'm disappointed that October Road and Shark were cancelled. I want to know more about those characters and thought the shows were good.

Well, that's about it for my TV commentary. What about those of you who watch TV? What are you looking forward to again and what are you going to check out?


Berry Blog said...

Good grief...I have a few shows, but my schedule isn't one at all- very random. I think I've been letting you guys lead me around by the nose and that's enough to keep up with.I've been perfectly content with that method. When it got to clothes and interior designing my interest waned but I still kept up with Dust's great recaps. Fun in themselves.
I had no idea you were that actively involved with shows. However do you slow down anywhere?

Joy said...

I multi-task.

Berry Blog said...

I've long ago learned that women are better at multi tasking than men. I suppose that's why so many women are such excellent teachers.they can keep all their ducks in a row and discuss them all at once interchangeably when men teachers give up and sneak a snooze. It seemed to me at meetings that male teachers would latch on to a subject and pound it to death where the women could table it an move on, coming back when more information was gathered to change the deadlocks.
Also noticed that women teachers could think of every question in the world to wear a kid out to get to the truth. They were incredibly tirelesss sleuths.