Friday, August 22, 2008


David Dust just had his first-year Blogiversary! Congratulations, King of the Dust Bunnies! Here's to many more years of fascinating blogging! His recaps of Project Runway and Top Chef are the best! Occasionally he branches out to recap Shear Genius and Design Star (but that might have come to an end). Whatever he writes about is entertaining, hilarious, thought-provoking, stimulating, and always interesting. David has become a friend, and I'm so glad I met him out here in Blogland.

This led me to reminisce about my own blog, which I began in June 2002 to let people know how I was doing during treatment for lymphoma. Some of my former students had been telling me for quite a while to start a blog, but I told them I didn't have anything to say. They told me that had never stopped me before. True. So when my lymphoma changed from indolent to intermediate, I decided to blog. So much misinformation was spread in 1996 when I was first diagnosed that I decided to name it Joy's Updates - Straight from the Horse's Mouth because that's what it was. It gave me the opportunity to write about what was going on and let people know where to read it. That way, they'd get correct information. It definitely served its purpose. The Nashville Tennessean newspaper even included me in a story about local bloggers. The link to it no longer works, which is too bad since it was a good article. Back then I had no idea that anyone could find me by googling, so it was a surprise to hear from the reporter a well as to discover people from all over the place were reading my blog. She conducted her interviews with me on the phone and by email since I didn't feel good enough to do it in person.

I think maybe three of the original readers are still with me. Thank you, Jill, Cindy, and Barb! Along the way others have joined them, read a while, left, and a few stayed. It's interesting to notice the ebb and flow of readers. I've done the same with blogs I read and have read/abandoned or that no longer exist.

My blog has definitely changed. It's become more mundane and frivilous which is a good thing. The drama that originated this is a relief to be without. For a while and still sometimes now, someone will ask me a question, and I'll tell them I blogged about it. I try to resist that since it's not an effective conversational skill. Some of my closest friends don't read it unless I mention something I want them to read on here. I can understand that. They hear enough from me as it is. LOL Some people really close to me do read it, though, and I appreciate it but wish they'd call or email me, so I can hear from them. We Libras like balance, you know. :-)

So for those of you who read my blog, thank you! I appreciate everyone who has read it, reads it now, and will read it in the future. What I like even more is to hear from all of you and them. Some people don't like to comment, and I know how that is. It means a lot to have reciprocal communication, though. I find out that people read my blog that I had no idea even knew I had one.

Anyway, thanks, David, for reviving some memories. I've blogged for six years and two months and have written more than 1600 posts! Wow! I can't believe it's been that long in some ways. I've learned so much and have met some neat people and made new friends. How about that!


Berry Blog said...

I recall how much I bugged you in email for updates because I just didn't catch to the blogging and how patient you were to point out I could visit your blog but still you explained again by email. Some of us Maine-iacs are slow but faithful.
Everyday I read your blog and the huge range of topics you take on, and finally, finally, have 70 post myself. Who knew a Southern Belle could transform me from a distance?
I cherish you, I cherish our friendship. I goes a long way in sustaining me and my belief in my own value.

Joy said...

Awww, how sweet of you to say that! And you know I feel the same way about you. :-)

We Belles have amazing powers, you know!

Chris said...

"Song, song of the south
sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth." Not sure why that song specificaly came to my head but it does bring to mind good old fashioned, traditional, warm fuzzy feelings while remaining progressive and here in the now.

I adore you and your blog and am grateful to have you here in Bloggerville. I need to go over and congratulate Mr. Dust!

Joy said...

Why, thank you, Chris! Now aren't you just the sweetest thing, too! How's that for Southern Belle talk? LOL

Seriously, thanks a lot and back at you!

David Dust said...

Dearest Grand Duchess:

Thanks, as always, for being so sweet.

When you mentioned about friends of yours that DON'T read your blog - it reminded me how much that bothers me. I have friends that I've known for YEARS, who will email me every once in awhile and ask me how I'm doing. I always want to say - "well, if you'd read my blog, you'll know!!".

Here's to many, many more years of your blog...


Joy said...

Yes! Same here! I say that now and then and refer them to my blog. These things take a long time to write. It feels good when people read them and comment.


Anonymous said...

Dear Joy - I found my way here through my talented son, David Dust, and I think you and I have much in common. I, too, am retired, I am a cancer survivor and my hobby is community theatre. Can we be BFF's 4ever??? Yours is now the second blog I will follow faithfully. It is such a pleasure to read anything that is so well written...I'm sure I was an English teacher in a previous life; I admire stylish and well punctuated essays. I also enjoy the range of subjects about which you write and if I ever figured out how to write a blog, my would doubtless be a pale imitation of your own. Anywhoo, I feel like I have a new friend and that's a great thing. I am Mama Bunny (I prefer "Queen Mother Bunny") and I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Hugs.