Sunday, August 3, 2008

Moonbeam's Weekend!

This weekend I've stayed home and rested most of the time. Yesterday I was still wiped out and slept late and then napped some during the day. I read, watched TV, and was on the computer. Today I listened to my regular Sunday morning radio shows on NPR - Says You!, Studio 360, Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me! (my favorite), and Splendid Table. I also like A Prairie Home Companion, Whad'ya Know, Fresh Air, and All Things Considered. So I listened to those, talked on the phone some, worked on this blog (how do you like it?), and watched This Week and Meet the Press that I recorded on the DVR.

I have to take a minute now to comment on Joe Lieberman, who was on Meet the Press with John Kerry. I don't know why in the world Al Gore chose him as his running mate. Now he calls himself an "Independent Democrat" but supports John McSame. Apparently, he drank the Republican Kool-Aid. He is disgusting, and I can't stand to look at him or type his name. By the way, I don't think she'd be hired, but I'd love to see Rachel Maddow host Meet the Press. She definitely has the credentials and can be objective and do all the research it would take. She is wonderful when she guest hosts Countdown on MSNBC.

This has been a lazy weekend. I have such a busy week ahead that I guess that's OK. I probably shouldn't admit this, but I haven't even had a shower and washed my hair since Friday! I can't remember the last time I went more than one day without a shower. Thank goodness no one came to see me. I've gone from Bernice to Moonbeam McSwine!


Berry Blog said...

What a hoot( the moon heading)-full of double entendre. Sun( male) is eclipsed and moon( feminine) is multiple. You telling us men to shut up? lol Babylon, I mean, Babble On is a funny statement too. Also laughed at the reference to the Lil Abner character.
I want to know how to back up my blog on another service like David did. Couldn't figure that one out.
This is going to be fun.

doggybloggy said...

6 0f one and half dozen of the other...this seems fine but so did the other blog..

Joy said...
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Joy said...

My other blog was begun in 2002, and the newer templates have more features and are easier to make changes. I like gadgets.

LOL, Charlie, I didn't even think about the symbolism of the solar eclipse! The Babylon/Babble On pun was intended but the heading was subconscious. You would pick up on that! You know me too well! :-)

Chris said...

I hate that rat bastard turncoat Lieberman as well - burn him at the stake and force feed him pork!