Tuesday, December 9, 2008


In 1 hour, your heart produces enough energy to raise almost 1 ton of weight a yard off the ground, and it beats 40 million times in a year.


Julian Meteor said...

My heart is broken


Rushton said...

Speaking of energy, missed you at chicks with sticks today!

Vicki said...

Raises it for how long? Just curious!

Joy said...

Freda: Thanks! I almost went but enjoyed a day with no make-up, bra, and motivation too much to get out in the rain. I hope to be there next week.

Vicki: It didn't say but probably just saying it's the amount of energy to raise it at all.

Berry Blog said...

Each doctor I see is alarmed at my heartbeat. My cardiac doc has gotten used to it...we just say that it doesn't do much of anything like your quote...if you listen closely enough, it just dances an irish jig.