Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Rainy, Dreary Day

When Jay Leno announced his first guest last night, no one showed up. Then after a little while, Wanda Sykes walked out and told Jay that she was letting them know how it would be not to have a gay guest on the show. Then she said she noticed that his hair and makeup looked good, so there were other gays besides her who went to work. It called attention to the day, and they talked about Prop 8 and other concerns in an effective way.

I went to CWHS again yesterday to help the teacher I'm mentoring get organized for the end of the semester. I was there Monday as well and will go back several days next week. I will be doing this the rest of the school year but don't plan to do it again after this time.

Tonight I branched out and watched Secret Milliionaire and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. Secret Millionaire was interesting. They have to decide who to give $100,000 to. Tonight a millionaire went to the Tenderloin section of San Francisco and lived in a barren apartment and on $98 for the week. He went to a homeless shelter where he helped prepare food and to a women's shelter. He gave money to both shelters, a woman who runs the women's shelter, and a woman who was abused and is trying to make a life her herself and her son.

People who do things like that to help others are angels on earth. The woman who started the women's shelter was from an abusive family herself and made a mission of providing a safe place for the women. Fortunately, I've never been in that situation and can't stand to think of anyone going through it. That infuriates me. I am so glad there are places for those who need them.

Another situation that I wish I could help with is the epidemic of teenage pregnancy. Teenagers think nothing of having unprotected sex and don't think oral sex can spread disease. I've mentioned before how many girls were pregnant and/or had babies and how there were quite a few boys with children, too, during my last years of teaching. It was over 10% of the student population, and those were just the ones I counted and heard about.

I missed writing and reading blogs yesterday. Wonder what effect the not going to work movement had?


Berry Blog said...

Darn! I missed Leno last night for the first time in weeks. Leave it to Wanda to spread the word though.
I didn't go to work. lol
xoxox charlie

frogponder said...

Before twins, I was the public educator for our local Planned Parenthood. I used to give my 'reality talk' which gave in excruciating detail what happens after you have unprotected sex and got pregnant - all the joys of going to the ob-gyn, what that exam was like, what a miscarriage was like, what an abortion entails, what childbirth was like, what adoption procedures were like. I left nothing out. If you get pregnant one of these things will happen to you. Welcome to the grownup world children. The kids were green by the end of the talk.

Beth said...

I missed Leno too, but I would have loved to see that!

and I wanted to watch that millionair show...I thought it looked good. they are angels!!!

Joy said...

Good for you, FP! I need to find a way to get involved.

Secret Millionaire was better than I thought it might be. At least the guy last night was compassionate, and I'll bet he continues to donate money to those places. I hope he does.