Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Different Kind of New Year's Eve

I've celebrated the new year many different ways. As a teenager I went to the Methodist Church for an MYF program and party in a larger neighboring town where I live now. Later on my boyfriend and I went out somewhere to celebrate. Then came the parties when I drank into the next year and was hungover the next day. There were also those years when my boyfriend at the time and I made sure we were having sex before, during, and after midnight. (apologies to my son for including this) I spent some doing woo-woo spiritual things with a group of friends. A few were spent with my son and/or friends playing board games or watching movies. I used to be superstitious about it and thought what I did on New Year's Eve and Day set the tone for the year until it didn't take long to prove that wrong. Lately I've spent them alone watching movies, being online, or whatever. I enjoyed it and was just fine ringing in the new year however I chose on any given year.

This year I've invited my five-year-old grandson to spend the night. Then we'll go to Mother's tomorrow for our black-eyed peas and greens, which are traditional Southern foods for luck and wealth in the new year. I'll enjoy spending time with him but also wanted to give my son and daughter-in-law a night out to eat dinner and relax and a morning to sleep late. I'm meeting them at 2:00 to pick him up, and they'll get him tomorrow afternoon. This year I'll probably be asleep when 2009 arrives and wake up to the sounds of a sweet little boy calling me Grammy.

Taken Christmas 2003 *edit*
Brendan's First Christmas


Bob said...

Sounds like a peaceful way to ring out the old and ring in the new.
Happy New year Joy!

Joy said...

Yes, it does! Happy New Year to you, too, Bob! I'm glad we met and are getting to know each other.

ell said...

What a lovely thing to do for your son and daughter-in-law and a wonderful way to spend New Year's Eve.

I'm sure you'll both have a great time.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year, Joy!

Perky Skeptic said...

*SQUEEE!!!!* Look at my sweet little BABY and his chubby little baby-legs!!! :D :D :D Oh, I am full-up with oxytocin now!!! Thanks for posting that pic!

I think that would have to have been Christmas of 2003, though! He didn't stay that little for too long. :)

Look at that little bird-mouth! :D

doggybloggy said...


Joy said...

Duh! He was born in 2003. Why was I thinking 2005 and how did I subtract that from 2008 and get 5? I think I have proven my point with the biorhythms!! LOL

Happy New Year to you, too, Ell! Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad we got to know each other, and I always look forward to reading your blog!

Joy said...

Happy New Year to you, Doggy! Love reading your blog and especially looking at the photos of your food! I'm looking forward to more ... much more!

Don't call me tonight and wake up Brendan!!

Beth said...

Would you look at the blue eyes on that baby???!!!! He is adorable! and so is his grandma!!!!!!

My hubs and I used to do that too.....the sex thing. Now we just fall asleep!!! oh well.


I love you!!!!

Joy said...

You, too, Bethie - and thank you!! Have a wonderful 2009!

David Dust said...

ADORABLE picture!

I hope my dear Auntie Flame has a wonderful New Year's Eve with her Grandson. I am so happy I found you in 2008 - it was one of the highlights of my year.

Love & Hugs,


Jimbo said...

Aw, what a gorgeous picture. Such a face on the little guy. How lucky he is to have such a cool Granny.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Have a fantastic time with your grandson tonight. Cheers!

Joy said...

Aww, thank you, David! How sweet! I appreciate you SO much and am thrilled to know you and to have added you to my family! Love and Many Hugs! xoxoxoxox

And thanks so much to you, Jimbo! What a delight you are! I hope this next year brings you the love you deserve! (and you, too, DD!!)

:-) xoxoxoxox

Berry Blog said...

It's so comfy next to Grams. and it's so comfy being good friends with her too. Bless you and your whole beloved gang Joy.
Hugs for the New Year-

Sylvia K said...

Your earlier New Years sound remarkably like mine were, mmmmm!! Know you will enjoy this one as will your grandson -- not to mention your son and daughter-in-law! Have a great New Year!

Jazzy said...

Great photo of you and Brendan. What a nice thing for you to do. Hope you all have a good 2009.