Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Wednesday

After checking the clock upon waking, my first thought was, "What day is it?" I did that when I was working sometimes, too, but don't have the reference points now that I did then. I reviewed what I had on my schedule today and got ready for my day. On the days I work with my homebound student (Mondays and Wednesdays now), I go by the high school to pick up and leave assignments for her teachers, discuss what I need to with the assistant principal, and do whatever needs to be done there. All of this takes a couple of hours or so. I'm supposed to meet with homebound students three hours a week, which usually works out. Most of the responsibility of getting the work done is on the student. I explain, clarify, organize, and help however I can as the liaison.

I'm still mentoring that teacher at Creek Wood which will go on all year. (a teacher year - which is an academic year from August to June - we teachers have years and summers) I figured it out and will need to spend around twenty hours a month to get all my required time in. This student will be on homebound the rest of the year, too. I'm ready for a break! LOL

I still use my favorite appointment calendar I did when I was teaching. I love it because there is room inside to write what I need to, and it feels comfortable to me. I have a stack of them and can look back during the last ten years to keep up with events that took place. It's much less filled than it was, and I'm delighted to have blank days now and then where I can stay home and do whatever I want to. I haven't had many of those since I've been retired. As David pointed out, I'm semi-retired.

As most of you know, I finally got started clearing out the clutter in my house and am 2/7 finished. The living/dining room and bathroom are the only ones completely done. The kitchen is about 3/4 cleared out and organized. Yes, I'll post pictures when I'm brave enough. So far, not there yet! You won't believe how bad it is. I've never, ever in my life lived like I have the last several years. Those clutter experts say that a trauma usually triggers the kind of chaos that is my house, and in my case, that is definitely true. During chemo and sepsis, I was too sick to do anything. Then after I went back to teaching, it took more energy than I had just to get through the day, so I'd collapse and watch TV and stay on the computer when I got home along with sleeping which I hadn't done much of for way too long. Those habits still continue quite a bit when I'm home. At last, I am beginning to dig my way out of all this and am getting my house and life back. For the first time in years, I feel some hope instead of being overwhelmed.


David Dust said...

It sounds like you are plugging away at the clutter - that's great. You can do it! And just think of how wonderful you will feel when you have finally tamed the beast.


Joy said...

S L O W ... That how's it going - very slowly!! At least I'm making progress even if at a snail's pace.

We can do it! xoxoxoxoxo

frogponder said...

That's interesting, as trauma always triggers the opposite in me - I get rid of stuff.

Looking forward to pictures!!

Joy said...

OK, I know what you mean. Some trauma sets me into action, but I was too sick to accomplish anything this time. That's when my house went into such chaos. Then it was so overwhelming that I was paralyzed. Weird, huh?

keLi said...

We miss you @ Creek Wood. Hey -- if I do your homebound for you, would you walk my kids through postmodern poetry? I can't take postmodernism at the moment.

Berry Blog said...

I think under that stuff you have a clutter-crittur. Set traps