Monday, December 8, 2008

Inspiring Teacher Movie

I'm such a sucker for inspiring teacher movies, and the Hallmark movie last night was wonderful! Front of the Class is also the title of the book written by the Brad Cohen. It's about his life with Tourette's Syndrome and how his dream of becoming a teacher was realized. He wanted to be the kind of teacher he wishes he'd had. I cried several times during the inspirational, touching movie. It makes me proud to be a teacher. Cohen teaches in Atlanta and is also a motivational speaker. The actors who played him as a child and an adult were marvelous. I hope you saw it. Here's his website.

From left, Jimmy Wolk, Brad Cohen, and Dominic Scott Kay pose for a photo. Wolk and Kay play Brad Cohen as a child and adult in the Hallmark TV movie Front of the Class. Photo: Jon Farmer/ Hallmark Hall of Fame

Be sure to read Charlie's post on Berry Blog about some of his teaching experiences and feelings about teaching that this movie triggered. Thanks, Charlie, for reminding me about the movie!


Berry Blog said...

Joy, thanks for adding a post to this movie also.And for the picture. when I saw it at the end of the movie, I was impresssed that something I couldn't pinpoint make them look remarkably alike. Is it an intangible? It is like three generations...for real. I rushed my post to get on to other things today;
Yeah I bawled unashamedly through a good part of it.
Love ya....charlie