Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Becoming Awesome!

I have the biorhythms thingy on my iGoogle page but rarely look at it. I was just having fun adding gadgets to it, which is where I get the Einstein and Jon Stewart quotes as well as the trivia, etc. It also has literary quotes that are neat, but I can't copy and paste those. The one today was good, so I might possibly type it on here. Anyway, check this out! I'm on the upswing. I believe we have certain circadian rhythms that make us night or morning people and whatever else they do. Is that like biorhythms? As I said before, I don't really believe in this but am not above using it when I need an excuse for having dumb days. Maybe I should compare this chart with my Bernice moments and see if there's a correlation. Yeah right, like Ms ADD will follow through on that! It was a thought - fleeting and transient. (and possibly redundant) Bring it on, New Year! I'll be ready for you!

Physical: 62% Emotional: 52% Intellectual: 75%


frogponder said...

I suffer from insomnia and refuse to take any medication for it. Last night I slept 6 straight hours, had a cup of strong coffee and then slept for two more hours. This drives me nuts. Maybe it is my biorhythms. Or the jet stream. Or alien communication.

Joy said...

It sucks whatever it is!

Sylvia K said...

You're right! It does suck!