Thursday, December 4, 2008

Secretary of Children and Pets

I noticed that Anne Heche is pregnant again. She and Men in Trees co-star James Tupper are thrilled to be expecting a baby. You know how I said I'd like to be in charge of who gets to have children and pets, well, I might let her have a pet, but it would depend on how stable he is and what kind of pet. Children? No.

Besides, I think she horned in on Ellen's big moment and was a nutcase. It detracted from an important time for Ellen and almost turned it into a circus.


Berry Blog said...

I dunno nuthin about birthin'no babies.Wonder what god had in mind letting almost everybody do it?

Dan said...

I thought they were getting a divorce? She is crazy and I cant keep up with her, not that i try.

Joy said...

I didn't think they'd ever gotten married. She and that husband whose the father of Homer (can't help but remember that name) are divorced. She and Tupper got involved while both were married to other people. I know way more about her than I want to! She's nuts.