Monday, December 29, 2008


This year I will watch all the nominated movies before the Oscars. I used to do that and then didn't the last couple of years. I hope they go back to having them in March the way they used to instead of February to get ahead of the others. I like for the other awards to build up to the Oscars. For those of you who don't know, I've never missed watching the Academy Awards. I watch every minute of them and like the good speeches where they say something besides thanking everyone. I like to see who they are with, hear what they say, and notice what they are wearing.

I love awards shows and always cry during them when someone is genuinely touched about winning. Not, though, when they go over the top like Halle Berry did. That was annoying. Jackie has a problem with her winning for playing that degrading role, but that's another post. In addition to the Oscars, I watch BAFTA, the Independent Spirit Awards (love this one - so irreverent, funny, and casual), SAG, Golden Globes, Tonys, and Grammy award shows. Sometimes I manage some others, like the Country Music Awards so I'll know who they are since quite a few of them live in the Nashville area.

Hugh Jackman will host the Academy Awards year. He hosted the Tonys a couple of years ago. He has a range from musical theater to Wolverine to romantic leads. As soon as the nominations are announced, I'm all over going to see the ones I haven't seen yet. I'm going to see Doubt, Milk, Australia, Frost/Nixon, and some others soon. It's my mission! We all need something to look forward to!


frogponder said...

We wait until movies come on PPV. I get mildly claustrophobic in movie theatres so rarely go. I do have a friend who goes a lot and keeps me up to date. Now I can add you to the list. :-)

A couple of the tribe are avid movie buffs and one went to film school in New York. I fully expect him to show up at the Oscars someday.

frogponder said...
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Joy said...

That's neat! Let me know so I can look for his name on movies. Is he working in the industry? (NYC or L.A.?)

Joy said...
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Joy said...

For some reason, it's posting comments twice. I deleted mine, and that's probably what happened to yours, too, FP?

Sylvia K said...

I look forward to your keeping us updated! I rarely if ever go to movie theaters, we don't have TV, so I get most of my stuff from Netflix -- when I get in the mood, which I have to admit isn't too often. Love to read though! Look forward to what you have to report so I can update my Netflix list!

Berry Blog said...

Just learned a Netflix trick about signing up for a current movie as soon as I see the first ad. Past couple of days I have been impatient and gone to the vid store to use old coupons. Netflix is great but availability is way past stores and ppv. I got Mama Mia pretty quick because I signed up months and months ago.
I never remember when the qualifications close-datewise...will the movies you listed be in time? They are still on the marquees and not in general publication yet.
You know me...i dont' go out unless I have i don't go to the bigscreen.
xoxox charlie

June Saville said...

Hi Joy
So you are a film fiend. I am as well but my writing has taken over of late - and that's okay too. I'm serialising my Australian mystery story at the moment on my other blog - a Sydney journalist being the protagonist.
When things settle I'll know where to come for some good film reviews.
It will be interesting to see what sort of a job Hugh Jackman does at the Oscars - he's good at everything else, so why not this too?
June in Oz

ell said...

I enjoyed Hugh Jackman on the Tonys and look forward to seeing him do the Oscars.

I'd love to see all the major nominations before the show, but consider myself lucky if I've seen two or three by the time AA airs.

Wouldn't it be fun to be a member of the academy and have all those movies mailed out to you "for your consideration"? :D

Joy said...

Yes! I'd love that! When I subscribed to Variety, I read where the screenings were showing, too, just for members. Some of them have screening rooms in their homes, but I'd be fine watching them on my TV.

Mark in DE said...

Hugh Jackman will make for some nice eye candy during the show!

You will enjoy Milk!!! I posted a review of it on my blog. I also want to see Frost/Nixon.