Friday, December 5, 2008


I'm doing laundry and thinking about something a friend said about not folding her underwear but putting it right into her drawer, all crumpled up. So I started wondering about you. Do you fold all of your laundry and put it away neatly like I do, or are you more like her? My son has heard this since he started doing his own laundry at eleven, "If you fold everything as soon as you take it out of the dryer, it won't be wrinkled." I've seen his piled unfolded, so I told him not to send Brendan to school in wrinkled clothes. And I think I'm not an interfering mother! LOL Fortunately, he's used to me and knows I just have to say things but am not invested in his doing more than hearing me. I've told him if I thought he'd do everything I told him, it would stifle me because that would be too much responsibility to be careful about everything I say. (note the title of this blog)

My money has to face the same direction in order of denomination - 20's in the back, then 10's, 5's, and 1's if I have all those. It bothers me when people crumple up their money and have it everywhere in their purse, but I silently judge. Yes, my books and CD's are arranged by genre and with little jokes to myself with some titles together. If I can't amuse myself, then what's the point?

So how am I living in chaos, you might ask? It's that perfectionist thing of "if I can't do it right, I just won't do it" and has bogged me down. I realize that's nuts and am making things look better without getting hung up on it all. I'm not a perfectionist about everything and not OCD but might have a few control issues. LOL

What about you?


Jimbo said...

I take my laundry to a laundromat so I have to fold it or it would be an absolute mess by the time I got home. It also fits into the basket better when it's folded. I sort things as I fold, too. Jeans, long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, short sleeve t-shirts, undershirts. I sort my socks and I fold my underwear, too. Most things I fold in thirds.

My money is usually sorted. Funny because I had this same chat with my friend Karen last night. I was handing her some money, and I turned all of the bills the same way, with the larger bills on the bottom.

Quirky? Yes, but I'm right there with you.

Rushton said...

My drawers are always in an uproar.

Berry Blog said...

Interesting. I had two mothers-one who simply wouldn't do laundry for 6 kids. Poor , we had nothing but ripped raggedy everything anyway. we just pawed through our little piles and took the least messy for the day. Until I moved in with my partner years later, I wore the same socks for a week.

On the other hand I had another mother who was compulsive and not only washed every day but spent endless hours in the evening - ironing absolutely everything- sheets, handkerchiefs,t-shirts, underwear
In the long haul, I wound up never wearing something twice,iron most everything, get my shirts and pants cleaned and pressed, fold everything I wash right out of the dryer, and keep drawers, linen closet,etc tidy. It's an acquired discipline for me and I don't like to do it but somehow I just have to do it.
Having a washer and dryer does make a big difference however. If I still had to go to a laundromat, I don't know how I'd be.
You got a grabber here, Joy.

Vaklam said...

I fold all my laundry now, thank you very much. =)

I also picked up the money-sorting thing from you. My CDs used to be alphabetical by artist and then chronologically within each artist.