Saturday, December 6, 2008


The Brooklyn Dodgers (who later became the Los Angeles Dodgers) did not get their name because of their sporting ability. The term dodger was a shortened form of the term trolley dodgers, which was first used to describe Brooklynites for their ability to avoid being hit by trolley cars.


frogponder said...

Around the high school, at day's end, we call it 'do you have a death wish?'
Interesting bit of info, who knew they moved to LA? bwa-ha-ha! Last time I watched baseball it was the world series game where the earthquake shut it down. Haven't trusted nature and baseball since.
(okay I'm avoiding The List on the countdown to Christmas...)

David Dust said...

They are still referred to as "Dem Bums" here in NYC. At first, it was a term of endearment - but when they moved to L.A. in the 50's they broke Brooklyn's collective heart. Now "Dem Bums" is derogatory.


Berry Blog said...

As a kid it took years to adjust to them being in LA. In my neighborhood it was permissable to love them, collect their card etc. but not the Yankees.Only "faggots" liked the Yankees- well now, if i don't support Yankees, is my status changed?

Dont' forget to email me about The Brendan Visit. did he notice any changes in the house?

xoxoxox charlie

Joy said...

It even bothered me that they moved to L.A. That never seemed right to me.

Joy said...

LOL I know what you mean about the death wish standing near high school doors!