Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Etiquette Question

My mother and I had a discussion today about telephone etiquette. After we talked a while, she said she forgot she called me since she was returning my call and stayed on the phone longer than she meant to. You know the rule is that the person who initiates the call is the one who ends the call and signs off first. I told her I didn't know what the etiquette is about who ends the call when it's being returned. Do any of you know? Have any of you stayed in a phone conversation waiting for the other person to end it because they called? I don't so much any more but used to.

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David Dust said...

I am certainly no expert on etiquette (telephone or otherwise). But I always thought that the conversation ended when both people ran out of things to say...


June Saville said...

I'm with David on the etiquette. Hadn't heard of it in Australia and I'm old enough!
I even remember the telephones in your picture. I think there used to be a handle on the right to ring the exchange ... Mind you there weren't a lot of these around when I rubbed shoulders with that style.
June in Oz

Tivo Mom said...

Way back when I had to take Cotillion and etiquette class (I am from the South) and all I remember about telephone etiquette was that a lady never called a gentleman and that phone conversations needed to be short, to the point and ended quickly. I do not remember who had to end it. Interesting question though. I think I am with DD on this one. When I am done with my gossip I get off the phone.

Bob said...

I do think that the person who called should be the one to end it, especially if it drags on and on.
And I am bad about ending the call, though. I find myself repeating the last word I just said, or saying, "Anywaaaaaaay" as a subtle hint.
The best way to handle this?
Don't answer the phone?


Debster said...

Absolutely, unless you are a teenager in which case you need five minutes of 'you put the phone down first' 'no you' followed by about another 30 mins gossip about nothing.

Berry Blog said...

I'm so terrible about phone calls I almost dread them now.I say "I'll let you go now" many times and then bring up one more thing. I am always aware that it is me who is interupting the other person's life. and I truly mean it when i say I won't hold you up but...and then have one more thing to sasy.It's a wonder people aren't more rude to me just to get the damned thing over with.
One truth I realize about phone calls, they only come just when the meal I hvae worked on for an hour is ready and hot. I've gotten into letting the phone ring. Let my digital alter ego get it.
xoxo charlie

Chris said...

Screw etiquette, when my ear hurts or my bladder is full - I am out of there!

frogponder said...

And then there is texting. Often my kids and I will text back and forth. Depending on where they are and what they are doing it can be hours before I get an answer, or they get one from me. Kind of like a looong drawn out conversation.

Beth said...

I just skip talking on the phone all together....keeps things easy, ya know? ;)

Joy said...

DD: If some of my friends and I used that guideline, we'd be on the phone forever! However, that's usually how it works out, or for the reasons Chris mentioned.

June: I don't remember those phones - just those black ones with the round dials. I do remember when there were operators and party lines. Fortunately, we didn't have those very long before the updates.

TM: I'm also from the South, so as you know all this matters ot us! :-)

Bob: Funny about the "Anywaaaaay" exit attempt!

FP: Oh, yes, texting! It could never end sometimes!

Beth: Rumor has it that you do in fact talk on the phone sometimes. Is it against your will? :-)

Most Excellent Debster: Oh good grief yes about the teenagers!

Berry Boy: I know! xoxoxox

Berry Blog said...

The retiree luncheon decided this without any equivocation. The caller closes the call.( Age range of particcipants...62- 79.) These are old people who fight dirty..I don't dispute them.