Sunday, December 7, 2008

Music Unites Us

Mark Johnson filmed a documentary Playing for Change: Peace Through Music that was featured on Bill Moyers Journal. It shows people all over the world performing "Stand By Me." I can't embed it on my blog, but if you want to watch it, go here or on the Moyers website. It's quite moving and entertaining. The documentary features other music and looks good. I'd like to have the DVD of it.


frogponder said...


I had Gorilla Boy download all his music onto one of my shuffles. I knew I was going to miss the ongoing concert that always came out of his room.

I have Eldest son's band's recordings on another shuffle - much easier on the ears to listen to it that way than when it was played live in the basement and the house vibrated in time to it.

Berry Blog said...

Pretty cool...I went and I listened. Like a moth to Aunty Flame.