Monday, April 26, 2010

Too Soon Gone

Many of you know that I work very part-time for a reflexologist and his wife in their vitamin and supplement store. Jim died yesterday morning suddenly from a heart attack and was only 57 or 58. It's such a shock, and I'll miss him very much. He has been a good friend for over a decade. We have the same sense of humor and got along well.

He was a devoted husband and father. I'm not sure what his wife will do now. His death is a loss to all of us who relied on his encyclopedic knowledge that helped so many. I told my internist that I had a foot in both camps, and he didn't miss a beat and said, "Literally." For the most part, Jim didn't believe in far-out practices, and I always liked it when he and my doctor told me the same things, such as taking fish oil and not taking magnesium and calcium at the same time. I trust Dr. Ross but don't have access to conversations with him the way I did with Jim.

Jim was so full of life and positive. Many will miss him. He was diabetic but kept it under control. Tina and I have talked about wake-up calls and messages. When someone close dies, and he knows about health, it makes us pay attention. We are.


froggy said...

Very sorry for your loss, Joy.

Bob said...

Sad news, Joy. But it does remind us that life shouldn't be taken for granted, because one day you have it, and the next day you don't.
It sounds like your friend live life to the fullest.

David Dust said...

Wow - he was so young. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.


Wonder Man said...

sorry for your loss

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

So sad. Glad you are using this sadness to refocus yourself. Hugs to you.

Beth said...

My condolences, Joy.

Berry Blog said...

I am waiting for you to get home. Am actually a little worried about the strong gal who handles everything in stride and takes such good care of others. Hope you have the ooomph left after today to be on line. Two big events today...both taxing.
Love ya- got some of my candles going for ya.