Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DWTS Week 4 Results

The judges gave low scores last night and harsh criticism (especially Len) last week, which unnerved the dancetestants. Their confidence was undermined, and it was shaky for some of them to begin with. I hope they calm down soon and enjoy what they're doing. They are all improving. Nicole and Evan are still at the top with Pam and Chad moving up. In fact, Pam and Damian performed their tango for the encore dance. Len said she was overdressed. Maybe on one side.

Sade sang. Where has she been? Haven't heard from her for a while, or id I just miss something besides her? Chelsie and Damian danced a hot tango while Sade sang beautifully.

Every expletive I know, Kate is still there!!! What is wrong with these voters? And how many times have I said that about actual elections? Aiden is gone. Crap Kate still clods on. Does she even have any personality?


Sam said...

I love Sade, Joy. Her new CD came out a few months ago and I love it.
Amazing that Kate has survived another week. People do love to watch a walking car wreck, don't they?
I hate to say that I kinda of liked Pamela Anderson and her dance last night.

Joy said...

I've liked Pam's dances. Funny how no one commented on my saying Kate is a "dead dance" on the recap.

Bob said...

You know how i feel about this show, Joy, but I have seen Kate's, er, "dancing" on the internet and she is so awful. She clod-hops around like a bull moose.
I think she must have a legion of fans who keep her on, sadly.