Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Gleeks, do you agree with this article in Vanity Fair about last night's episode of Glee or not? I watched it and enjoyed it and would like to know what you think. Here is an excerpt about the songs and the article is HERE.
Song Rating (* to *****)
• “Hello, I Love You” (The Doors) ** This song last felt original and interesting when I was seven. But I love it when the characters sing in "musical fashion," while enduring their real life.
• “Gives You Hell” (All American Rejects) **** Rachel is angry, and expresses it in character, as the leader of a PG-13 Mickey Mouse Club singalong.
• “Hello” (Lionel Richie)*** A bit obvious for a show titled "Hello," but this ballad always makes me mourn the loss of AM radio and its achingly saccharine sounds.
• “Hello, Again” (Neil Diamond) ***** As on-the-nose as a beanbag in a clown's face. But this is a flawless Diamond.
• “Highway to Hell” (AC/DC) **** Vocal Adrenaline provides some much needed pyrotechnics and choreography. And screaming.
• “Hello, Goodbye” (The Beatles) ** A visual indicator of the confounding back-and-forth plot lines of the episode, in lame black-and-white formal-wear.


Sam said...

Well as I've said on twitter I just recently finished the complete first season on DVD which was my Birthday gift in Jan.
From the middle of the first episode I was absolutely sucked in to the whole gleek squad.
I loved last nights episode, and SUE SYLVESTER is an absolute doll. She steals every scence she's in.
I'm so excited about the entire season and can not wait for the characters to evolve.