Thursday, April 1, 2010

Census, etc.

My mother called this morning to remind me that today is the deadline to mail our census forms. I was brought up to be a responsible citizen. When I was hobbling around during chemo, she drove me to vote during early voting because that's always been a priority for her and was for my father, too. She would call to ask if I'd voted and want to know what number I was, so she'd have an idea of how many people voted.

Be sure to be counted. I noticed there's a place to check "unmarried partner" so that will help count the gay couples, married or not depending on where they live. I've seen posts on some of your blogs about this and just read an article in The Nation about being counted. HERE

Now to finish my taxes and get that done! It's part of the dues I don't mind paying to get to live in this country. We are fortunate in so many ways. I know I am to have grown up in the family I have with love, support, and laughter. Now to get higher on that list that begins with "compared with other industrialized countries."


Allan S. said...

I mailed my in today Joy. Marcos and I are going to be counted. I was so tempted to put in our dog Gino and cat Geronimo.

Boy Toy said...

The Mistress and I just found it easier to fill out and write on the side of the envelope "BIG FAGS LIVE HERE".