Monday, April 5, 2010

DWTS - 10 - Week 3

This season I've been following some of the dancers on Twitter which is interesting. Evan broke two toes but is carrying on and says it won't stop him from dancing or from his participation in Stars on Ice.

Tonight began with a dance by the pros which showed how the dances are supposed to look. They danced the paso doble and the quickstep which are the featured dances for this week.

Evan and Anna are trying out a a combo name Team Evanna, according to Evan on Twitter. The dancers had to tell a story with their dances this week. Evanna danced a quickstep to a song from Chicago that had Charleston elements in it. He played a man waiting for a woman and then glad to see her. Energetic and peppy dance. The judges liked it. Could not even tell he had any broken toes. Scores: 9/8/9 = 26 Well done!

Buzz and Ashly are dancing the story of a father going off to war and returning to his daughter who is glad to see him. Their waltz wasn't that good. He still walks through the dances. The judges liked the story but not the performance. Scores: 5/4/4 = 13. So far his fans have kept him in the competition.

Jake and Chelsie had some tension when Jake needed to walk away after he told Chelsie she was disrespectful to him when she talked to him about improving. Their story was a quickstep to "Walk Like an Egyptian" with him as an archeologist and Chelsie as Cleopatra. Jake isn't a very good dancer but was entertaining according to the judges (and me). Scores: 7/7/7 = 21.

Niecy and Louis danced the quickstep to a 60's scenario about interracial relationships. It made Niecy cry during rehearsal thinking about how it would be if she couldn't marry who she loved. Louis said he was still in that battle himself because of gay rights and marriage equality. It made me cry when they were emotional. Their dance made me cry, too - very powerful about forbidden love. The judges said she got off-track some, and backstage she said she wasn't used to being vulnerable in front of people. Scores: 7/7/7 = 21

Chad and Cheryl are doing the paso doble. Their story is that he pursues her and she rejects him. Chad said he was used to that because that's what she kept doing to him no matter how much he tried. Chad is hot. I wish he danced better because I want him to stay around. The judges liked it much better than last week. Scores: 7/6/7 = 20

Pamela and Damien also performed the paso doble. Oh wow! What a hoot that Charo came in and helped Pamela with her dance. She did well. The judges said her performance was good but needs to be refined. Scores: 7/7/7 = 21

Aiden and Edyta are performing the quickstep. He's definitely improved from last week. Their story was that he was an artist painting his ideal woman who comes to life. Judges said his quickstep was more careful than carefree (Len). Bruno said he looked like a kid skipping around a meadow and improved. Carrie Ann thought so, too. Scores: 7/6/7 = 20

Erin and Maks are doing the waltz. She's blindfolded! I thought that was just for the rehearsal. Weird for the dance. She's very graceful and elegant. Pretty dance. The judges said the storytelling worked and was profound. Len didn't like it. Scores: 8/7/8 = 23

Kate and Tony did the paso doble to "Paparazzi" which Kate said she identified with because they are always outside her door. Tony brought in an acting coach to help Kate show her emotions. Well, it didn't happen at all. She moved around like a zombie and did not dance. She has no rhythm or music in her at all. Please, people, do not vote for her at all. She has to go!!! She sucked big time. Scores: 5/5/5 = 15 These scores are too high.

Nicole and Derek perform the quickstep with a story about being sailors. Nicole stressed out during rehearsals. Good quickstep! Nicole is energetic and engaging. I loved it! So did the audience! Len didn't like it and said it was vaudeville, not a quickstep. Bruno and Carrie Ann said there was a lift and he broke the hold and that it was a show tune and no quickstep. Scores: 8/6/9 = 23


Berry Blog said...

Sort of runs true to our on line running discussion of the by play.I agree, Kate needs to air her problems somewhere else. This is not the forum.
I just wanted to add that I love Tom's biting come backs to Len's wet blanket critiques. Len needs to take his jet lags somewhere else or at least have a drink before the show.
I want Derek and tony to move in with me. I'll put the furniture out, put in a wood floor an wall mirrors in the living room for them. Whatever it takes. LOL
Nice recap Joy. Captures the essence well.
xoxo Charlie

Laynie said...

I saw it for the first time last night. Nicole was a joy to watch, but Buzz and Kate could launch a spin-off called 'Clomping With The Stars.' Watching Kate is truly painful..she looks like if she doesn't have a glass of wine or get laid SOON she's going to snap in two like a pencil.

And of course - if having 8 kids makes one a "Star" then I better tell my Aunt Pauline to dust off her tap shoes. oy vey

Joy said...

Excellent, Laynie! Love what you said about Kate and your Aunt Pauline! LOL

Yes, Charlie, Tom is great with those balancing comebacks to Len and Bruno, too. He's really good on there.