Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh Good Grief!

From Vanity Fair

John Edwards’s Illicit Inamorata Rielle Hunter Will Go on Oprah!

The Oprah Winfrey Show’s Oprah Winfrey has snagged the first post-affair interview with embattled John Edwards paramour (and actual Jay McInerney character) Rielle Hunter. The air date for the chat has not yet been announced.

Oprah has a knack for this sort of thing: last May, she scored an interview with both Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards after the latter’s public admission of an affair with Hunter. According to the Huffington Post, the couple granted the interview request on the condition that the name “Rielle Hunter” would go unspoken, as Elizabeth Edwards did not want to give her any more publicity. Of course, any press that Hunter did not receive in the aftermath of the Edwards interview will surely be recuperated with her own on-air confession. And once again, Elizabeth Edwards plays the role of Job, a sort of Jay McInerney character avant la lettrĂ©.


SteveA said...

Oh boy - I think I'll miss that one!

Berry Blog said...

Making money with the body has reached a new level. Hell, let everybody know and make a bundle. There is no shame in it anymore. Just a different level of prostitution.It's certainly faster than the marry for money strategy.

Sam said...

What a classy group of people. Even more classy is the friend who wrote the book about the affair and has the X rated video.
They are what you would call, white trash with money.