Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DWTS Rant and Results

If Kate stays on, it's because of the ratings. People are voting for her to watch her embarrass herself so they can make fun of her. That gets old, and it will keep others who actually try to dance and others who are dancing well to be voted off the show. Check this out: (Source)

"This is the first thing that they absolutely live and breath for - they count down the days until Monday. So I've gotta keep dancing, for them. I have to."

Though she looks, for all intents and purposes, like she doesn't want to be kept around on the reality TV danceathon, Gosselin reportedly sent out a mass email to friends and supporters after the show "BEGGING" them to vote for her, not once but ten times. She also asked that people send the email out to their friends and colleagues.

That may be why she's still on the show, despite dancing like she's wearing stilts, clashing with her fellow contestants, arguing with her partner, and whining like a broken record that life is just so hard as a celebrity, even if you're working every day to remain one.

Gosselin has survived far longer than most would have expected, with many supposedly voting to keep her around for nothing more than the unintentional comedy value she brings. Even her ex-husband, the king of uninentional comedy, Jon Gosselin, has admitted he's been voting for her to stay on.

But the joke is starting to get old for many. The Kate Gosselin awful dance juggernaut has taken on such a life that even other celebrities are weighing in, and the general consensus is: Ick.

"She sucks, she's got to go," said Whoopi Goldberg on The View Tuesday morning. "She's got to go."

Co-host Joy Behar chimed in saying, "She cannot dance. She's got eight children, and as the Catholics say, she does not have rhythm."

Replied Goldberg, "This woman, with those eight children... you cannot stay on if you don't try. You're not trying. You don't even look like you're trying to do it."

"SMILE!", Whoopi demanded, adding, "She needs to look like she's happy to be there, even if she can't dance. She's an angry b-tch, this one."

TBS late night comedian George Lopez has been running an online campaign to keep Gosselin embarrassing herself weekly, saying "I tweeted that everybody should vote for Kate and why. Do it for her kids. Do it for her poor partner Tony Dovolani and most importantly ... Do it for the United States of America!"

He added, "It’s your duty, America. Remember every vote counts and it’s time to keep Kate alive. You are the change we have been waiting for.”

So dedicated to the campaign is Lopez that, on his show Lopez Tonight Monday, he brought on Jackass star Steve-O, who stapled "Vote for Kate" messages to his chest, stomach, groin and testicles. Live. On TV.

That's dedication to a cause.

Well, great news! At least Kate is in the bottom two tonight. Maybe there's hope at last! YES!! Thank goodness! Off at last! I am sooooo glad! She cried and said she gave it her all. I don't think so. Anyway, we don't have to be subjected to that any more. Tony has to be relieved. I know I am.


Bob said...

I'm gonna miss her. I DVR'd the show this season just to see her, and.Laugh.My.Ass.Off.
The comedy is gone!
Boo....followed quickly by....Hoo.

Sam said...

Well there goes the ratings Joy, yep sure enough she got the boot.

Berry Blog said...

She's as tiresome as a person as she is as a topic. I wish she'd try something else....out of the public eye....at least out of my sight.