Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Lost has some 'splainin' to do and just five more episodes to do it in. I miss those episodes that used to be on from the week before that had explanations with them. Who knows what's going on?


Eric Arvin said...

I think I do, though...who knows? lol

Btw, there are actually 5 regular episodes and then two hour series finale. I'm hearing some CRAZY rumors too.

David Dust said...

You MUST read the recaps/discussions over at Tom & Lorenzo's blog:

They are phenomenal. If it wasn't for TLo, I would have absolutely NO CLUE what is going on.


Berry Blog said...

Wonder how that would work today with so few politicians around with real balls?

Sam said...

That show requires to much thought.

Kyle said...

Joy we really enjoy the show, though we are way behind in watching seasons on DVD. I'm not surprised that it is confusing. Sometimes we get confused. Don't let the writers make you think it is your fault thought.

I lost respect for Lost's creators/writers after they revealed that they really didn't know what was going on and were creating things as they went along. I don't think that would have had such a negative effect on my feelings for them if they hadn't just spent the previous months, after the premiere episodes, accepting praise for their creative writing and stating that they had a brilliant plan for it all. I really dislike fakes and liars.