Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DWTS Week 3 Results

Please, please let it happen tonight. PLEASE let Kate go away ... far, far away so we never have to watch her attempt to dance again.

Anna and Evan performed the encore dance, and Derek and Chelsie did the paso doble the way it's supposed to be danced. Reba McEntire sang while Maks, Edyta, Val, and Snejhana danced. Val is Maksim's brother, and I'm not familiar with Snejhana. Dmitry and Lacey danced to "Consider Me Gone" when Reba sang again.

Well, another disappointing night. Kate must have fans. Crap! Buzz went, and Kate wasn't even in the bottom two AGAIN. She cannot dance at all. It's like how their fans kept Billy Ray Cyrus and Master P on way too long. Argh!!!


Laynie said...

I tried to watch it, but dozed off. When I woke up I somehow had Kate confused in my mind with Sarah Palin. Must. Seek. Medical. Attention. STAT.

Joy said...

LOL I'm glad you started commenting.