Monday, April 26, 2010

DWTS 10 - Week 6

The dances tonight are the samba and the Argentine tango. For the first time on the show, they're having a swing dance marathon. There will be another set of scores for the marathon. The first scores are for their individual dances, and the "+" scores are for the swing dance. Couples were eliminated one by one with the first eliminated receiving a 4 and then it went by 2's all the way to the last remaining couple who got a 10. Then we have their total out of 40.

Jake and Chelsie are dancing the samba. He's definitely improved but needs to connect to the music according to Carrie Ann. He stumbled once but recovered. It was a fun dance, and he seemed to have loosened up and enjoyed it. Bruno said he didn't wiggle correctly.
Scores: 7/7/7 = 21 + 4 = 25

Evan and Anna also did the samba. Woo, Evan, that hip action! Anna flipped him over on his head, and Evan suffered a mild concussion. He danced really well and got into the performance. The judges said his lines and movement didn't fit this dance. Len even said it was his worst dance. Evan is so polite and kind. His demeanor reminds me of one of those Hollywood stars like Tyrone Power.
Scores: 7/7/7 = 21 + 6 = 27

Nicey and Louis danced the Argentine tango comically but with technically correct moves. Niecy did this well! She really worked on it and got that leg over Louis's shoulder and danced! She had good lines and footwork. She showed passion for a cookie during the dance. Len probably won't like that. He did! Who can ever figure out what Len will say?
Scores: 7/7/7 = 21 + 5 = 26

The judges are stuck on those numbers. Tom said the show was brought to us by the Paddle 7. I just love him!

Erin and Maks did the samba. They are so funny together during rehearsal. It was energetic and fun. She did well. Len told her he was giving her another 7 this week because she should be getting higher scores and fussed at Maks for the choreography. Bruno and Carrie Ann disagreed and said she danced really well and nailed it. Tom said maybe we'll find out if Len forgot to bring the other paddles to the show.
Scores: 9/7/9 = 25 + 9 = 34

Chad and Cheryl danced the Argentine tango. They went to Cincinnati for the Draft Party where Chad was energized by his fans. He listened to Cheryl and really improved. Their dance was seductive and passionate. Very good! The judges said he had good lines and all the moves for this dance.
Scores: 8/8/8 = 24 + 7 = 31

Nicole and Derek performed the samba. Nicole freaked out during rehearsals, but who could tell it when she danced? It was energetic and entertaining. Carrie Ann and Bruno loved it. What's with Len? He said it wasn't a samba but a hodgepodge of sexy moves and gyrations. He's caught up on the 7 paddle.
Scores: 9/7/10 = 26 + 10 = 36

Pamela and Damian danced the Argentine tango. She had on a brown wig and black lacy slip for this dance of seduction. Who better to seduce? She's discouraged about being in the bottom two again but said she wanted them to be who they are and just dance. It was definitely seductive and sexy. She did well, but her footwork wasn't as sharp as it could have been at times. Carrie Ann thought so, too. Brooke asked her how she came back with a fighting spirit after being in the bottom two, and Pamela said she preferred to be on top. Uh huh.
Scores: 7/7/8 = 22 + 8 = 30

Now for the swing dance marathon where the judges eliminate them until one couple is left. First couple eliminated were Jake and Chelsie and the ones in first place were Nicole and Derek. This was fun to watch.

Not sure how much sense this would have made. I was watching the show, chatting online with Charlie about it, recapping just enough to get the dances and scores for each couple, and then had a phone call from a friend who watches American Idol and decided to check out DWTS and complain about how revealing the costumes are. She's not a prude but decided to go on about that and other things. So now I've just watched it again to really focus on it and write the recap. I mostly got the gist of it before.

a blog by Maksim where he discusses the judging and Kate. He tells it like he sees it. Interesting!


Sam said...

Hun, I just love Nicey Nash so much. She just lites up when the camera comes on, plus she makes me laugh so hard.
Erin is my all time favorite.
I want her to win but, it appears Nicole is the odds on favorite.

Berry Blog said...

Well, for obvious reasons we know what the other thinks about this show. Looking forward to tonight's show.
as a kid I loved the old films of Dance Marathons during the depression years. With the old film at the fast forward rate, we thought the hilarious.
then as an adult I saw that stunning movie "They Shoot Horses Don't They", which recreated the reality of those brutal, degrading, inhuman marathons that desperate people entered to make money any way they could during the depression.Last night brought that all back, and instead of cheering I was tearing.
Nice work keeping track of all that Joy. I am always amazed at how you make insanity work for you.