Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bravo Shows

I stuck it out with Shear Genius and was surprised that Brig won. I can't say that I enjoyed that show this season. For one thing, it wasn't as good without Jaclyn Smith. Camila Alves (Matthew McConaughey's Baby Mama - got that from the Minx) drove me crazy when she spoke. After getting to know them better, I thought Janine was bitchy to Brig who is weird on her own and very tall. Janine and Matthew forged a bond and excluded everyone else. Check out that expression on Janine's face. She was positive she would win and also dresses creatively. What happened is that Brig's last two designs were avant-garde and futuristic (and ugly) but were original and what the guest clothes designer and judges (mostly) were looking for. I'm not invested in this show enough to recap but just wanted to comment on it. If you want to read a good recap, go to Blogging Bravo. Did any of you watch?

This is a conservative look for Brig.

Season Two of Top Chef Masters was also on last night. I liked all the chefs and wish no one had to be eliminated. Here are the bios of the chefs. Tony Mantuano who owns the restaurant in Chicago that's a favorite of the Obamas and Susan Fenigar won and go to the next round. Their assignment was to pair two harmonic dishes for a first date, and they served couples who were on first dates. The usual judges and Kelly Choi returned. The other master cheftestants were Jerry Traunfeld, Jimmy Bradley, Ana Sortun, and the hot Govind Armstrong. There will be some chefs returning who were on Season One, and according to the previews, things will get hectic. It was pretty calm viewing this week, and I really enjoyed the show and look forward to more!

For a proper and highly entertaining recap, check out the Minx's collaborative blog All Top Chef. She's the best and has fabulous photoshopping skills!


froggy said...

We watched the whole thing and came to appreciate Brig in the end. She was a bit scary at first. She decided to be reality show gold (I think she always has been) and she played the game well. The Mean Girls got on our nerves. Especially Tap Pants (as TLO calls her). All in all it was an okay venture, some interesting challenges.

Also watched the Masters, can't believe it, but sometimes I miss the silliness and immaturity of the younger set. I will attempt to be a grown up about this.