Thursday, April 1, 2010

Loquacious and Indolent

I began blogging in June, 2002, and noticed that I've written a total of 2,957 posts so far. Someone I used to teach with said he was called loquacious and indolent when he was in college. I identify! Thanks to those of you who read my blog and hang in there with me! I appreciate your comments and you. If there are lurkers who don't comment for some reason, I'd like to hear from you (I think). Let me know on here or by email if you read my blog because I'd like to know who you are. Thanks again!

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Laynie said...

I'm SO glad to have found your blog! I realize that I'm not learning anything new by only reading people I agree with, but so what? Sometimes it's good to just relax and en-Joy! I only hope you like writing as much as we enjoy reading you, and that you never stop. So there. ;-)

David Dust said...

Hi -

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Miss Spent Youth and I am a new reader of your blog.

Who knows, perhaps we'll get to know each other and become friends!!!



froggy said...

You'd be surprised, whilst talking with my longtime friends, I will say 'a blogger I know in Tennessee' says or wrote.. :-)

Berry Blog said...

Well I'm sure I read blog # 1023 and 1/2 and responded. I think I'm pretty darned faithful. In fact I feel I know you.
xoxo Charlie

Joy said...

Funny, David and Charlie! Love it!

YES! I do the same thing. In fact, some of my friends know many of you by name. I'll mention my "blog friends" and mention something you wrote. You and Tina have a lot in common and would get along famously, Froggy. She was on the phone and got online so we could drool over Miss Ginger's closet and pantry.

When we met in person, it was like I'd known Charlie, David, and Maddie for ages. Well, I have known Charlie a long time. I'm planning to meet more of you in person and can't wait!