Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Poll

Fox poll: IRS more popular than tea party movement

Fri Apr 09, 2010 at 07:32:03 AM PDT

Hahahaha. The teabagger network giveth more hilarity: a new Fox News poll shows that more Americans have a favorable view of the IRS (49%) than of the tea party movement (36%).

It's not just that people don't know what the tea party movement is. The net favorable rating (favorable minus unfavorable) of the IRS is +11% (49%/38%) compared to +2% for the tea party movement (36%/34%).

Best of all, this poll comes one week from April 15, the IRS's worst day of the year and the teabaggers best day of the year. Ask the same question six months from now, and you'll probably get even worse news for the teapartiers.

A couple of other things worth noting in this poll: Fox asked whether Americans felt the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, or the Tea Party movement more closely represented their values. The results: 40% said Democratic Party, compared to just 25% and 19% for the GOP and teabaggers, respectively.

And as Greg Sargent noted yesterday, the poll not only showed most Americans weren't offended by Biden's BFD f-bomb, but 51% said they'd be less likely to vote for a candidate if Sarah Palin campaigned on his or her behalf. Only 25% said they'd be more likely to vote for the Palin-backed candidate.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

That is hilarious, IRS more popular than Teabaggers. I have heard that the Republicans are trying to disassociate but it is not working.

Berry Blog said...

Wonder how many would vote for her famous imitator?