Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guess I'm a Hypocrite

If I were foolish enough to be one of those "other women" who had an affair with a famous married man, I wouldn't seek publicity or entertain the idea that I remotely deserve an apology. They need to apologize to the wives! When married men hit on me during my young, cute single and divorced years and I turned them down, it was because I'm too selfish to get involved with someone I can't call, send cards to, safely email and text, see on holidays and weekends, go to his house, meet his family, have him meet my family, etc etc etc. I also felt bad for their wives and how they talked about them. If they don't have any more regard for the person they married that that, why would I want to spend time with them? As I told them, when I was unhappily married, I got a divorce.

Now to the hypocritical part - magazines and shows shouldn't give those women attention, but then here I am posting about it with links and all. Guess we've become like people in a big ol' small town gossiping about each other.


David Dust said...

1. If I was a cute girl I would have TOTALLY slept with Tiger Woods.

2. And I TOTALLY would have taken pictures, video, etc. and tried to make a pile of money from it.

3. I am a total whore with no morals.


Wonder Man said...

These women are a mess, I have no sympathy for them

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Whether we like it or not, we have become part of the constant media. We read it, link it, upload it, e-mail it, ...

Joy said...

Yes, we are and do, Bucko.

Me, either, WM.

You are too funny, David!! And such a slut and media whore! Who knew? xoxoxoxoxox

Berry Blog said...

As a younger, much- I dated a married guy. What a case! He swore love to me, called and begged to see me, but when he arrived....he wanted to make out, but would only strip to his undershorts. Never got past hugs and kisses. As a young man that wouldn't do it for me!Lord he had problems. Frankly I don't remember how I got rid of him...he was a nice guy and pretty sexy, but wow.
And what is it with married guys on the downlow who always seem to have two daughters? Is that weird or what?