Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Jimmy Fallon did a parody of the Kate Zombie Dance from DWTS. We might have a new litmus test for "dancing" to replace the Elaine dance on Seinfeld, which was intentionally funny and not painful to watch. Actually all anyone has to do is what Kate stumbled through and just imitate her. No parody really. Anyway, you can compare. Do you think people are voting for her just so they can make fun of her? There has to be some reason.

Jibber Jabberz made the comments on there. The video is too wide to see everything, but you get the idea. If not, go HERE. Poor Tony, her professional partner. (Brian fixed it for me!!)

Jimmy Fallon's is much better, but then he has talent.


Bob said...

I think Kate's is funnier because it's real.

Berry Blog said...

Fallon is better when he can get into his satire as in SNL. As a stand up,he's pretty awkward and immature. this take off was right on the money.
And it was the second time I saw Florence Henderson in the audience...she was for the DWTS too. I'm just sure of it.

Sam said...

Since I'm home for a few days I thought it would be nice to watch DWTS and Joy, that was so so spot on. Plus just looking at Buzz made my face hurt.

Beth said...

I don't watch DWTS, but I had heard about how bad this was...holy crap, it was worse than I'd expected! I loved Jimmy Fallon's take on it. :D