Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vote for Howard's Blog Soundtrack to My Day

My blog friend Howard has been nominated for a Bloggie for his blog about music Soundtrack to My Day. This is a big deal! The Bloggies began around ten years ago and are like the Oscars for bloggers. Ironically Howard had to be coaxed into blogging and now look! He's a star!

Please go HERE and vote for him, and if you want to read an excellent blog about music, read Soundtrack to My Day.

The voting procedure is one vote per email address. If you return to vote again, the ballot will be replaced, so be sure to mark all the categories you have with favorites. Voting is open from now until Sunday, January 31st at 10PM. To place your vote, go here, where the screen goes horizontally, not vertically. The music category is about halfway across. But do check out all the categories and blogs, there are some fascinating entries. At the far right, there is a place to fill in your email address and an anti-spam word device before completing the process. A verification email will be sent to the address to finalize the vote. The winner will be announced in March at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas.

As a favor to several of us, please vote for anyone but Perez Hilton in the Gossip Blog category. You might find some of your favorites on the ballots, so check them out.

Thank you! Please vote!


David Dust said...

I know ... we bugged Howard for months and months to get him to start blogging, and now he's a star!

BTW - vote for Dlisted in the gossip category, and for Joe.My.God for a lifetime achievement award.


Joy said...

I did! Also voted for Huffington Post, Crooks and Liars, and a few others.

Wonder Man said...

yey for Howard!

SteveA said...

I just voted!