Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sleepy Saturday

I worked today at the vitamin center and had to get up a few hours before I usually do. I've been sleepy all day, too. I took my knitting and a book, as usual, and had quite a few customers - the good kind who know what they want and get it. This was not a good knitting day but more of an unknitting day. Frustrating for sure and probably had something to do with my being so sleepy and my lack of ability.

I went by the yarn shop and unknitted some more. Some yarn doesn't work well to ravel and start over and gets fuzzy. One of my projects is this way and the other one not as much. The conversation was enjoyable, and then Tina, Hope, and I went to the Mexican restaurant. Interesting how being there with a tall blonde in her 20's is such a different experience than when I'm there with other friends closer to my age. The waiters were speaking Spanish to Hope, asking about her "novio" and really giving her attention. She speaks and understands enough to carry on a conversation, and of course that impressed the waiter even more than he already was. I remember those days and miss them, but life goes on. I'm invisible to men now and that's how it is. I had my time but just wish I'd realized I had that power, but then I might have been dangerous.


mistress maddie said...

I don't know Auntie Flame, your still pretty saucy!!!

Joy said...

Thank you, Maddie. You're a good nephew! :-)


Sam said...

It's so odd you mentioned this.
I've found a gold mine of mature single straight men at the Jack in the Box in Yuma, Az. it seems that this is the jump off for breakfast.
The snow bunnies socialize here and they seem quite festive.
On my trip there this Tuesday I'll take photo's and you can take your pick of the hotties.
I bet there are hundreds of men out there thinking that their time has passed too.

Joy said...

Thanks, Sam. I like Arizona but the central and northern parts where it's not hot. Probably most of those men prefer women half their age, but it's worth a try! Send on the photos! (and interview them while you're at it - deal breakers are smoking and being an evangelical Republican)