Sunday, January 17, 2010

Observations on the Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais was of course funny. Several digs by him and others about NBC and Leno. And this one, "I like a drink as much as the next man - as long as the next man isn't Mel Gibson." Then Gibson walked out to present.

Why did Michael C. Hall have on a knit hat? OK, I googled and found out he has Hodgkins lymphoma and is on the road to recovery. I'm sorry he's going through that and glad he's doing well.

No reason for Mickey Rourke to wear a cowboy hat inside, though.

Yay!! Julianna Margulies won for The Good Wife! I'm so glad. She really is good in that show and makes it what it is.

Yes!! Glee won!

Mo'Nique walked up to the stage on both awards shows like she's James Brown and someone is behind her holding her cape. I think her husband does escort her part of the way. Maybe it was the music. Her speech was eloquent and heart-felt and made me teary.

Martin Scorsese spoke eloquently about film when he accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award presented to him by Robert DeNiro and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Sandra Bullock's speech was so good. I'm glad this is happening for her and for Jeff Bridges. He said they were screwing up his unappreciated status. T Bone Burnett won for song at this one, too. Looks as if this is the year for Jeff Bridges. I hope so for him and Sandra Bullock.

Robert Downey, Jr., gave what appeared to be an irreverent speech which was perfect for him.

Those were the highlights for me. What about you?


Oxy said...

Sorry Joy, but Gervais has never been funny in my opinion. I did watch him once - awful man. I'm happy to say that an awful lot of Brits agree that he's not funny. To me, he's the British equivalent of Seinfeld. My ex-wife thought Seinfeld was funny, but she was from Michigan... She also thought that Frasier was not funny. Says it all.

Tivo Mom said...

I was disappointed with Gervais. I expected him to be funnier (is that a word). I too was happy about the underappreciated getting some love. I loved Mo'nique's speech, but never have loved her. She and her husband have an open marriage (I read that somewhere) which is her choice but watching him watch her, he seemed unmoved. Hated Sandra Bullock's dress.

Beth said...

I didn't think Mo'nique's husband showed much emotion either, but maybe that's just his way. I like her...she's wicked funny and crass, which I kinda like! ;)

I didn't watcht the whole got boring after a while. But I did like Ricky and his little vampire teeth!

Joy said...

Gervais had hits and misses with his humor last night. I do think he's funny and also like Seinfeld and Frasier.

I didn't know that about Mo'Nique's marriage.

Jesse James didn't show much emotion either, but that's how he is. He glowed from inside looking at Sandra Bullock and had that sweet smile he does. What did she mean, her German family?

Berry Blog said...

Seems we had identical takes and took away the same impressions.

Bob said...

I'm with you on this Joy.
Loved Sandra, Mo'Nique, Jeff Bridges and RDJr.

Dan said...

I loved Gervais, but not surprised that most americans were lost on his british humor.

I thought Sandra looked amazing and glad she won.

You know how I feel about Glee. All and all an ok show, but it was background for me while I was doing other things so I dint have that much invested in it.