Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Without Ruth

The more stuff I get rid of the more ruthless I get. It's overwhelming for sure, and at times I am not sure I can do it. Sally helped me get started. This is going to be a long, involved undertaking, but I'll get there eventually. I told Mother I was going to send a couple of people before and after pictures. She said she thought I should just send the after pictures. No one could appreciate the difference if I did that, but I understand how embarrassing my house is for her since hers is always neat, clean, and decorated. Mine used to be. It's embarrassing to me, too. I haven't let anyone in my house for a few years except for a very few people I know like me anyway and won't have me committed.

All the clutter experts say that a traumatic event usually triggers this kind of house chaos, and that is the case for me. Just getting the living/dining room done makes me feel lighter and as if I've lost weight. I can't wait until I get the whole house back again!


Berry Blog said...

Oh I love the clutter fairy...I need one too...with a shilleleigh ( sp?) or maybe a staff like Moses had to part the Red Sea. On the other hand I have a front and back door, if I could make like Hercules and bend the river....
You're doing great...keep it up.
Love ya...Charlie

frogponder said...

Oh, yeah. After every disaster around here I go on a rampage.
Then I stare at The Engineer's Stuff. Do we REALLY need two copies of our college yearbooks? We went to the same college. The same years. Nobody wrote in them. Do we need cassette tapes when we no longer have a cassette? Do we need fix it manuals for cars we no longer own?
And so it goes.

David Dust said...

Auntie Flame -

I am so proud of you for doing this. You and I are very similar. I don't even sleep in my bedroom anymore - because it's such a wreck. When I moved in, I dropped all my boxed of crap - and a year later that crap is still in the same place. Although now it's spread out because I need to find/use stuff.

I too don't like people coming over. If I AM having someone over, I need at least 2 weeks notice to at least get the living room in decent shape.

Luckily my roommate is much better than I am about this, and does more than his share of cleaning/decluttering.

See - not all gay men are neat freaks!!!

Love You! Love Our Clutter!!!


Jimbo said...

I'm a bit of a pack rat but have been doing better about de-cluttering over the past couple of years. I go through my closet regularly and get rid of stuff, I have been slowly parting with things I've saved over the years (magazines, souvenirs, etc.) it feels good when you can stand back and enjoy the reclaimed space. Keep up the great work.

June Saville said...

Thanks for visiting 70 Plus and Still Kicking Joy. Glad you're returning too!
I know about clutter and believe me life will take a different, happy turn, when you get rid of it!
June in Oz

Debster said...

Well, where are the photos?