Saturday, November 29, 2008


I got nothing today! That's right! Nothing! Zilch! I can't think of anything to write about. The well is dry. Maybe something will come to me eventually. Otherwise, no more blogging for me! LOL

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David Dust said...

Here is something:

I'm a "Rosalind Russell" - which tickles me because my nickname has always been "Mame"


Love You! Love Your Writer's Block!!

frogponder said...

I'm Myrna Loy! May have to find my way to the video rental store this weekend.

Casdok said...

Its funny how sometimes things just come along to blog about.
And sometimes they dont!!

Joy said...

Interesting quiz. I love those things!

Joy said...

Oh, and I can definitely see you as Roz, DD!! xoxoxo

Berry Blog said...

Now I see where you got the quiz. danka David.Knowing you this many years, I thought the resuls fit you pretty well. but now i must take it. Probably Don Knotts and Martha Raye.
I like that when you have nothing to saym you share nothing. LOL

Joy said...

That's right. When I have nothing to say, I tell everyone! LOL

I'm laughing so much thinking of you as Martha Raye! Love it!

Berry Blog said...

I turned out Katherine Hepburn likeyou...and Jimmy Stewart, whom i didn't admire much until he started reading his little writings on talk shows. then I loved him. have always loved Katie.( Howard Huges would have driven me nuts too)
easy to think of David as roz eh? much of the restaurant silverware do you have at home? lol
FP..Myrna Loy huh? she was really something.