Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Tina News!

As one of Tina's designated drivers while her anti-seizure meds for epilepsy have been regulated, I drove her to her appointment with her neurologist this afternoon. She has now been given permission to drive to work and back and other short treks. This is wonderful, and she feels giddy! Imagine how frustrating it's been for her to have to rely on others to go everywhere and to lose her independence in that way. It was never a problem for me to drive her places. In fact, I enjoyed those visits and told her we might still need to go grocery shopping together again occasionally because I got some new ideas from her. Anyway, the great news is that Tina feels better than she has in years and is doing so well! Yea, Tina!!

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David Dust said...

That's great news for Tina!


Berry Blog said...

I'm sure this will reflect in the classroom as well...the added confidence. We all know kids tend not to be sympathetic about illnesses and easily turn to sharks. She is so lucky to have you watching out for her and you are both lucky that you enjoy each other's company so much.
This is wonderful news as it's taken so long it's a wonder she just hasn't thrown in the towel.

Rushton said...

Hurray, Tina! Now, we expect to see you back at the Bean on Tuesdays!
Berry, (this was written in a tone of awe and awwwww - not in a critical voice - I reread and tried to "hear" in someone else's "eyes.")in my 30 years of teaching from 1st grade to undergrads I've never had a class unsympathetic to illness. In fact, they've always been better behaved when I or a classmate has been ill. Middle school students were always the best to be compassionate. I'm sorry you've had the opposite experience!

Vicki said...

Yay for Tina! Though we never had a problem taking Tina wherever she needed to go, it's great that she now has a choice whether to ride with us!

Berry Blog said...

Rushton...the more I thought about it after your comment, the more I realized that the side comment I made about kids might be mistaken to reflect Tina as a teacher and that was not meant. I also realized that the more I say, the deeper I might dig my hole. I only know Tina through Joy and have the highest regard for her. I mean only that it is so hard to have health problems and keep the ball rolling in the classroom.One can feel vulnerable and it makes the struggle that much harder. In retirement, i am having to depend on others for my transportation for surgery etc. and realize how difficult it is to have to depend on others. It really takes away from self esteem.
anyway, I am full of happiness for Tina getting some of that independence back.

Rushton said...


Freda (the newly dubbed DAF...Dumb Ass Friend)