Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tree Changes

I took this with my cell phone since I didn't have my camera with me. The red tree was green last time I walked, so there are a few changes. Tina went with me today, so no Green Day songs to sing this time!

Another week of keeping my blood sugar in the normal range with the exception of one day when I messed up. Even then, it went up and then down again before too long. I'm going to have to buy new scales since mine don't work accurately. Then I can keep up with weight loss. Right now, I can't get a real idea about it, but I have another appointment with my doctor Friday and will know then. I'll set my new scales to synchronize with the one at the doctor's.


Berry Blog said...

It's so pristine. With all those inciduous trees, where are the %^$#! leaves on the ground? Are you getting photo shots of some kind of Utopia. Yea, these are probably shots you got right in your armchair and you are bilocating in two different worlds.but that would mean Tina is just as nuts. Maybe you just have good grounds keeepers sucking up those leaves with two cycle engines. ( Never thought of that)

Joy said...

Most of the leaves haven't fallen off the trees yet. That's where they are.

Perky Skeptic said...

Inciduous trees, ROFLOL! :D

That is a BEAUTIFUL picture! What a lovely walk! Glad you're doing well with it-- we're so proud!!! :)