Wednesday, November 12, 2008


More odd information - this time about silly putty. Did you like playing with it? I also liked the Slinky.

Silly Putty started as a mistake in a New Haven laboratory, and was turned into a consumer hit in the 1960s. According to engineers, Silly Putty is a self-contradiction. Chemically, it is a liquid, but it resembles a solid. The molecular structure will stretch if the structure is slowly pulled. But if tugged, it snaps apart. The toy has a rebound capacity of 75 to 80 percent, whereas a rubber ball has only about 50-percent capacity. A silicon derivative, Silly Putty won’t rot; it can withstand temperatures from minus 70� Fahrenheit to hundreds of degrees above zero. On top of all that, it picks up newsprint, which often appears sharper than the original.

And now this:

In bowling alley slang, a turkey is 3 strikes in a row. The term dates back to the late 1800s when, around the holidays, alley owners presented live turkeys to the first member of the team to score 3 consecutive strikes.


David Dust said...

I LOVED Silly Putty (and Slinkys) when I was a kid.


Love You! Love your Trivia!!!

Berry Blog said...

This trivia is turning out funny as hell and fun.Especially after our last few emails about enjoying our own silence and not feeling inspired to write. Thank god David is so prolific. I am enjoying Frogpond a and Beth lot lately too.
Now did you and your brother have Lincolon Logs or erector sets.I'll bet David traded his in for an erection set.( I did, or at least I was always missing parts)

Joy said...

I had Lincoln logs and loved my Etch a Sketch and books. I played with dolls and paper dolls and drew and painted my own paper dolls and clothes for them sometimes, too. I also played outside, riding my bike, climbing trees, and playing ball with neighbors. I was a Renaissance child. (heh heh)