Sunday, November 16, 2008

Marriage and Cubs

This text and the video below are from the local CBS affiliate news report about the protest in Nashville about same-sex marriage. I thought the turn-out was good considering the weather had turned cold and rainy. Snow flurries were predicted for last night but didn't happen that I know of. I didn't get to go because I had Brendan and was right about being concerned he'd get away from me in the crowd since he did it at Dillard's department store. He ran up the escalator and out of sight by the time I got to the top. Fortunately, I told every sales clerk I saw and one of them found him. I was scared to death and talked seriously to him about "mean people" who might steal him. He thought it was funny but finally did listen and said, "I'm sorry" and then stuck with me from then on. Whew! I never want anything to happen to him. My inner mother lion with my cubs and grandcubs is activated big time during the threat of danger.


David Dust said...

Great Job Nashville during the Day of Protest!!

I can't imagine how terrified you must have been when Brendon ran off. I'm glad that everything ended up fine.

Might I suggest the Track Team for our little sprinter?!?...


Berry Blog said...

New motivation for back to the gym. You've got to outrun a 5 year old scamp. Like a magic movie when he runs away from you and then runs into you...standing there with one hand on your hip and the other on your broom and of course, tapping your toe.