Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Smash the Clutter Bug!

I don't watch Oprah that often but happened upon it today during a break, and I'm glad I did because Peter Walsh from Clean Sweep and Candice Olsen from HGTV's Divine Design were on. They helped some people declutter their homes and then redecorated them. As you know, I've been wanting to do this for YEARS, so I registered on the Oprah website to receive newsletters from Peter Walsh. I've liked Peter Walsh ever since Brian told me about his show on TLC. I watched Clean Sweep and bought his book. Now I'll take it farther and commit to this. I know I'll feel better and will even be able to lose weight more easily because I won't have this stress and can enjoy my house again. I can have family and friends over and won't be embarrassed to have company. I'll get my house and life back! My house always looked comfortable and like I enjoyed living in it, but it got out of hand several years ago and has just gotten worse. Sally and I already made plans for her to come help me Nov. 20, and that motivated me to get some things done before she gets here.

Now I have homework. I'll take photos of my progress. There is hope!


Beth said...

I was watching that too! (hate the "clutter" theme song). All I kept thinking was.."I'd be SO mortified if they came to MY door like that!" I guess that means I have to de-clutter, huh? I KNOW I have to...we have so. much. clutter.

I can't wait to see YOU do it...maybe you can inspire me!

Chris said...

Oh darling - the best part of the Bathroom remodel I did last year and the new roof this year was getting to top off the dumpsters with CRAP fro my basement and stuff.

Good luck!

David Dust said...

Good for you!!!


frogponder said...

I tend to do this during times of stress and change.
When I went back to school and was changing my life from SAHM to, what I thought at the time, was going to be full time teacher, I cleared out 24 garbage bags of old craft stuff and odds and sods.

When student teaching all fell through I had a huge 'home schooling' garage sale and had tons of stuff out on the yard. One woman filled her trunk to the brim.

Then I emptied the garage of heaps of over the top Halloween stuff when the kids all went off to college.

Now I've confined my tutoring stuff to one side of one shelf
and my Halloween stuff to one (big) box. And those are FIRM rules!

Joy said...

Wow! Good for you, FP! I used to be able to fly in and get things done. Now I'm slow and just want to play.

Berry Blog said...

i've got the secret along with several Saturday dump men in my area.
we drop off the boxes int he approprite bin at the recycling dump- and go back to Walmart and buy nore boxes of things to keep the economay going since bankers are simply saying thanks for the handtout and not doing anything much more than the same as usual.
if there's a handout going on...let me get in line. Now all it takes is just the applicaton for bankrptcy to get aid. Why don't we all inc. ourselves.