Monday, November 24, 2008

DWTS - The Finals

First each couple showed their two favorite dances on tape they thought they did the best performing. They chose a ballroom and a Latin dance. The couples are doing a group samba smackdown, so we voters can watch them perform side-by-side. They checked out the competition during rehearsal but don't want to show all their moves. They were talking trash, and Warren said his dance would blow Lance's out of the water and then added, "Samba la vista, baby!" Well, I thought it was sort of funny.

They'll also have their free-style to do. My favorite in seasons past was Drew and Cheryl's cowboy dance. The weirdest was that doll dance Marie Osmond did.

Brooke Burke and Derek Hough
Dance: Samba / Freestyle
Score: 28 + 30 = 58

Brooke and Derek chose their beautiful quickstep and intense Paso Doble. Derek said she has had consistently high scores and the highest average score.

Brooke's and Derek's samba was energetic, smooth, and good. Theirs was probably first. Her body is amazing. She must spend hours every day doing yoga, pilates, and all kinds of things to get in that shape.

Their freestyle is a jitterbug they danced to "You're the One I Want" from Grease. Their outfits were reminiscent of that era and changed by a breakaway for Brooke and added jacket for Derek. They'll probably get all 10's for this. Bruno said it was one of the best freestyles he's ever seen, and so did Len. All the judges loved it. Just as we've suspected all season, Brooke will undoubtedly win.

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer
Dance: Samba / Freestyle
Score: 26 + 27 = 53

Lance and Lacey showed their goth tango and the mambo. Lacy thinks Lance needs to win because he's the most improved and beat Brooke twice. Why don't I like them?

Lance did a good samba. He and Lacey looked great and were probably second.

OMG, they have on t-shirts that say LANCEY. Cute or gaggy? You decide. Their dance is a hip-hop. It was energetic, youthful, and good but not equal to Brooke and Derek. The judges were mixed in their critique but all gave them 9's.

Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson
Dance: Samba / Freestyle
Score: 25 + 28 = 53

Warren's and Kym's favorites were their elegant Viennese waltz and their Matrix Paso Doble. Kym said Warren should win because he lights up the dance floor and excites the crowd. He started not knowing anything and can now dance all these dances.

Warren has amazed me every week with his footwork and style. Good job! They probably were third. Yep, I called 'em.

Their freestyle had all kinds of lifts, some of which looked a little awkward. They also did some costume changes during the dance to "Proud Mary." It was energetic and sometimes sort of frenetic. I don't think they'll get all 10's, but the crowd loves them. Len said he was a star and that no one touches him as an entertainer. Their routine was Carrie Ann's favorite. Len gave him a 10 based on entertainment.

They'll have one more score from the judges tomorrow night which will be half their score. Now let's vote!


Berry Blog said...

I like your take from what I saw- on the phone, with picture and no sound. maybe at this stage the judges are simply scoring high for everybody and leaving the last vote to the audience.Why knock themselves out at this stage? and at last no old age jokes about the Englishman. That was tiring. He's from the classic school..he assumes probably that they are dancing according to accepted standards. Bruno should take his drama and boas to a pig sty. One good show on Broadway and he's an expert. I would have hated to take direction from him--for anything.If he were a guest in my house, he'd be in the bathroom crying by now. Nothing personal of