Monday, November 10, 2008

DWTS - Week Eight

The field narrows once more! This week the five stars had to learn two dances, ballroom and Latin. Each has to do a solo during the Latin dance - another first!

Cody Linley and Julianne Hough
Dance: Foxtrot & Mambo
Score: 24 + 24 = 48

Cody was very discouraged about being in last place last week and having his lowest score. Edyta worked with him again, and it's been hard for him to get used to someone else besides Julianne. I can tell a difference in his dancing since he seems a little hesitant now. He should feel better after the praise from the judges. It was a smooth, elegant performance.

Cody didn't start out that well with his mambo but got into it and was better inconsistently. His solo was not spectacular, but he's cute and tries hard. Carrie Ann said it was erratic and disjointed. Len thought he did two good dances tonight. Bruno said he had the mambo fever but that it was spasmodic at times. Julianne will return tomorrow night to dance on the results show.

Brooke Burke and Derek Hough
Dance: Tango & Mambo
Score: 28 + 27 = 55

Derek said he was stepping up the choreography this week because Brooke could handle it, and he wanted good scores since she's the only woman in the competition and that men have won it many more times than women. Their tango was intense, precise, and focused. The judges were divided. Carrie Ann and Bruno gave her 10's and said it was pitch perfect. Len, on the other hand, scored her as if she were a professional and pointed out mistakes and gave her an 8. That seems strict since he said Derek plans difficult choreography that Brooke masters.

I thought Brooke was a little subdued during her mambo at times. The judges said the choreography was ambitious and that she is incredible. They agreed with what I noticed and all gave her 9's.

Maurice Green and Cheryl Burke
Dance: Quickstep & Pasa Doble
Score: 24 + 24 = 48

Cheryl critiqued Maurice's dance while watching tapes, which he said helped him since that's what he does when training for the Olympics. He did well performing this dance and maintained his posture and routine. The judges were complimentary and all gave him 8's.

Maurice was a little stiff during this dance. He didn't have the intensity that many of them do during a Pasa Doble but still did a good job. The judges said he was focused and did well.

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer
Dance: Foxtrot & Samba
Score: 26 + 24 = 50

After being criticized by Len for using gimmicks, they performed a regular foxtrot which was smooth and graceful. The judges liked it, and Len said his footwork was still a bit dodgy but that the dance was well-done. Hmm, two 9's and an 8 from Len.

If I liked Lance and Lacey better, I'd be more interested in their dancing. Maurice, too. They all sort of leave me cold. Carrie Ann said the samba is one of the most difficult dances on the show adn that he did pretty well. Len wasn't impressed with the solo and said he has to work on his footwork. Bruno was more complimentary. It showed in their scores with an 8 from Carrie Ann, a 7 from Len, and a 9 from Bruno.

Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson
Dance: Tango & Jive
Score: 28 + 26 = 54

This tango was good. I like to watch Warren dance. The judges said he brought his sparkle back and gave him a 10 and two 9's.

Go Warren! He had trouble learning the jive but rocked out. He seems to have fun and be focused at the same time. The judges loved his energy and fun but said his feet were all over the place. Wow! Two 9's and an 8!

Maurice will possibly go this week. I hope Cody doesn't have to leave yet, but he might.


Berry Blog said...

Really nice job on this one. I like the addition under the pictures of the dances and the scores for each set. It gets very confusing on the show keeping track.

Chris said...

Excellent recap - I do think Len may have had a stick up his #@$ on this night but I was entertained.