Saturday, November 1, 2008


I think the media shouldn't report any election results until the polls are closed at the last place in the US for people to vote (California and Hawaii) because it can make a difference in whom people vote for or if they do. This has bothered me for a long time. The only way around this is to keep the polls open during the same hours all over the country which would make them open and close earlier on the east coast than on the left coast. As it is, polls are open from 7-7 all over the country (or until the last person in line at 7:00 pm votes). Maybe they would have to stay open from 10-10 Eastern Time, 9-9 Central, 8-8 Mountain, and 7-7 Pacific. Hawaii would be sort of a problem in my plan since they are on Hawaii time which is five hours earlier than it is here in Central, and their polls would have to be open from 1-1, so this might have to change. Otherwise, would this work?

The Current Time in Hawaii is:

Saturday 11/1/2008 12:26 pm HST

Hawaii is in the
Hawaiian Time Zone


David Dust said...

With the internet, there would be all kinds of "unofficial" results out there anyway - I know I personally would be STALKING the computer if we had to wait for Hawaii to finish voting. And we couldn't do this for the rest of the county but not include Hawaii.

Although we COULD leave out Alaska...

If people on the west coast are going to let election results from New Jersey sway their vote, then so be it.


Berry Blog said...

David...leave out Alaska...too funny. but why not?
I don't have a head for figuring out stats like that Joy. It's why email works so well for me. I never know whom I am waking up out of needed sleep when I call with my frivolous stuff.
Agreed it isn't really fair of the media, but am also wondering about the fact that it's more about electoral votes than popuplar votes and if they're in, without complete votes counted- that's not fair either. Once again we follow the money.
I have had no less than 5 survey calls today. I'm hanging up on them now.
another note: you're comment about being strong. I have had a number of emails from those retirement friends apologizing for pressuring me. of course they are apologizing too for the forwards of fact sheets they send right after too, lol.

Berry Blog said...

By the way, I wrote that article on Tother1 blog just for you. You did ask me to write you about class.

frogponder said...

Could be a long night regardless of when they start reporting.

Eight years ago my niece went into labor, made sure she got to the polling place, voted, went to the hospital and they started watching the returns. As the night wore on my SIL said the joke was who is going to arrive first, the baby or the President. The baby did, of course.

Vicki said...

Actually Hawaii doesn't follow Daylight Savings Time, so tomorrow they'll be six hours behind us. Arizona doesn't follow it either.

Joy said...

Hey, maybe abolishing the electoral college would take care of it. That would keep the voting from being affected since the popular vote would decide the outcome and solve many other problems as well.

Then there's my fantasy future appointment for being the one to decide who gets to have children and pets.

Joy said...

Parts of Arizona follow DST but most of it doesn't. It's odd. There are only 15 counties in that state, and it's large. That's the SW for you!