Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DWTS - Results

While watching Julianne Hough sing on the show, I thought about Jessica Simpson who also made a country music album. Jessica was so phony as if she were "acting" the way she thought (I use that word loosely) that's how they did it. The expressions on her face and strange posturing are laughable. Julianne really sang well and performed authentically. She might make it.

DWTS has become a showcase for performers since it's so popular. Aretha Franklin, Leona Lewis, and John Legend sang on tonight's show.

The handsome guy I thought was Brooke's husband is her fiance, David Charvet. He was chewing gum, remember? Not cool. They have two children, and she has two from a previous marriage.

Well, just as we thought, cute little ol' Cody had to go. He did a great job making it to the final four!

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Berry Blog said...

I grew very fond of Cote. all that youthful vigor and no prior experience. he is plucky. Things turned out surprisingly different than the early shows led us to believe. There was that one scene showing him crying that was heartbreaking.

Beth said...

I really cannot stand Jessica Simpson. it's like, she just "acts" like she thinks she should...there doesn't seem to be anything genuine about her...and her dad?!!! EEWWWW...

Joy said...

Yes, Beth! Ewwww!