Monday, August 16, 2010

Sucking Trivia

Mosquitoes do not bite; they stab. A mosquito has no jaws; when attacking a victim, it pierces it with its long proboscis and sucks the blood up through a nasal tube.

For many years, that's how I thought vampires did it. I thought their vampire teeth were hollow like straws and that the pointy ends punctured and allowed them to suck the blood into somewhere. That part didn't quite get worked out, but since they are vampires, there should be a way the blood was taken in wherever it needed to go. It seemed better than having to get blood in their mouths, but that's the part vampires probably liked unless there were squeamish ones or the blood tastes strange. You have anything you believed when you were younger like this? Actually I believed it a long time.

See? Her pointy vampire tooth is leaking.


David Dust said...

For some reason my parents once told me that Tapioca pudding had fish eyes in it, and I believed it for years. To this day I won't touch the stuff.


Joy said...

Yeah, that would do it for me, too. LOL xoxoxoxox

Mind Of Mine said...

Dya know what, I always thought that vampire teeth were hollow too.

In primary school they told us that If Jesus had not been born we would not have Christmas. I actually believed that he had to be born every year or else there would be no Christmas.

Berry Blog said...

I always knew the truth about everything from the beginning It's why I'm so misguided now. Probably my biggest illusion was when I had all my teeth replaced with plates- and there was no payoff but pain.
Screw the fairy myth!

Aled Hughes said...

When I was a young child, I was told by an elderly aunt that if I slept on my left side, my heart would stop. To this day, I find it difficult to sleep on that side!

Joy said...

MoM - I feel validated! Interesting about Christmas and where the born-again Christians originated, I suppose.

Charlie - That explains so much! Now we know.

Oxy - All those things they tell us stick with us! Funny how we are able to disregard some of them, though, isn't it?

;-) to all of you!