Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Still Waiting for the Republican Agenda

The Republican Party sure has had a lot to say about the Democrat agenda since President Obama took office, but they have not set forth a new plan yet if they were to take control of Congress. The ideas they are focused on are:

1. Creating incentives for new jobs
2. Cutting federal spending
3. Cleaning up Congress

These are all good ideas, but there is one problem: They have not released ANY specifics on how they are going to do this. The Democratic party has been targeting this large hole in the campaign of Republicans, and so far, there has been no answer. The plan seems to be that the GOP is accumulating ideas from the America Speaking Out program into their platform for the upcoming Congressional elections. This has been projected to be ready in September.

Kevin McCarthy, who is heading the motion to prepare the new agenda, says that Democrats are simply giving up on their own agenda and, "They are trying to change the topic ... (because) they can't succeed with what they have to offer."

What do you think? The Republicans seem to have fueling support off picking at the Obama administration and promising results without any kind of tactics. Do the America people really not care about having a certain path, as long as its not the current path? This seems like it will not hold its weight come time to vote.

People need answers to problems.


Wonder Man said...

they have nothing

Bob said...

They feel their strong suit is to just complain and try to block anything that Obama wants.
They are the Party Of No.
And the Party Of Know Nothing.

froggy said...

My FIL used to say the American people are safest when Congress is the most tied up...