Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Live in Hell

Well, I live in Hell in many ways here, but lately it's the weather. We got in the triple digits today. Did you get that it was TRIPLE DIGITS? Yes, over 100 with a heat index of 108 with excessive humidity. It's almost 90 degrees right now at 9:30 AT NIGHT! It doesn't cool off. Our lows are Flagstaff's highs. And they have low humidity. Well, it's high for them right now since it's over 30% but heavenly to me. It will be in the low 70's tonight. That's what I like to have in the day.

Mother and I had eye appointments this morning and then went to lunch. We usually do other things and shop or something but not today. Getting back in the car is miserable without a lot of time to cool off, so we didn't do that today.

Can you imagine football practice in this? Some schools canceled afternoon practice, thank goodness, but football season starts soon. It's way too hot for football and dangerous. Students have died from it. How heartbreaking also are hearing about children and pets left in hot cars. What's wrong with people?

And this is one of my regularly scheduled whining/bitching sessions about summer in TN.

Vote tomorrow!


froggy said...

I thought about you when they were talking temperatures today, there on the map - ak!!!
We are in the 90s and it is very smokey. Lots of fires burning around here - par for the course for summer. Hard on some folks.

Aled Hughes said...

Got up at 06:00 a.m. this morning - it was 52 this side of the Big Pond. Going up to about 67 today - phew.... I miss Florida! Less than 6 weeks to go though!