Thursday, August 5, 2010


I voted today in the Republican primary because there were candidates I wanted to vote against. In the general election, I'll vote for all Democrats except for the state senator I've told you about who proposed the bill to allow guns in bars. That's just one of the reasons I want him out of office. He's a piece of work. I'm voting for the Republican candidate running against him. Yes, I am, and you would, too.

Several candidates won on the local level that I hoped would. Yay to them!! Now we'll have even more negative ads leading up to the general election.


Wonder Man said...

I can imagine how vicious those ads are in Tn

Joy said...

Yes! Remember that nasty campaign against Harold Ford, Jr., by Bob Corker? Horrible!

froggy said...

We have an actual Sarah Palin endorsed senate candidate in the GOP primary.
This is the first time we can vote for anybody in the primary. No declarations of party (of which we are none of the above).
There is also one fellow in the congressional primary who IDs himself as Tea Party.
The biggest, and most important, races are for Supreme Court judges. One very, very controversial judge is up - if it were not for him WA would have gay marriage.
Our primary is Aug 17 and is all by mail.

David Dust said...

Guns in Bars????????? Oh Sweet Baby Jeebus...


Beth said...

In our primary in May, I voted on the Republican ticket (you can only do one or the other in the primaries) so I could vote against Jackie Freakin' Walorski. Didn't do any good, but I had the same strategy as you!

Joy said...

Zach Wamp of C-Street was one of the ones running for governor. Enough said.

The Republican candidate is Bill Haslam former mayor of Knoxville and CEO of the family business Pilot Oil.

Democratic candidate is Mike McWherter, son of former governor and small business owner.

Both have degrees from prestigious universities. Of the lot, Haslam was the best choice of Reps.

Check out any candidates here:

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i've voted for the dark side before, i see it as picking out the least harmful of the evil.

the guy who won the republican nod for gov here represents that to me (snyder) when you compare him to the other GOP choices he sounds more like a really conservative democrat. we also had dillon running, who was more like a GOP guy in a dem disguise.